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Your early bird registration fee of $150 covers just the cost of staging the event. Every dollar you raise or donate on top of that helps the kids in our Emergency department.  


To help us reach our goal of $175,000, all riders aim to raising $1,000.


That’s just $50 from 20 people, it’s that simple.


Raising $1,000 may seem challenging, but you will be surprised at how supportive people are when they know how their donation is helping support sick and injured kids. As well as this, you have an expert fundraising team at Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to support you every step of the way!


Below are a few tips to get you started:


·         Personalise your fundraising page

           Post a photo and share why you have chosen to participate in Pedal 4 Kids.


·         Share your fundraising page

           Copy the link for your fundraising page and share it with your friends, family and                colleagues. Sending an email and posting on Facebook are two really simple ways to            encourage your networks to make a donation.


·         Ask your work about dollar matching

          Approach your employer or Human Resources Manager and ask if your company will           dollar match the funds you raise.


·         Collection tins

           Ask local cafés, takeaway shops, even your workplace to place a tin somewhere and              encourage people to make donations.


·         Get your workplace involved

           Ask the boss if your office can hold a casual Friday or afternoon tea and ask all staff            to make a gold coin donation – let them know what you are fundraising for.


·         Posters and flyers

  Coming soon! Official Pedal 4 Kids 2017 posters and flyers to let people know how     they can support you or join the ride. Circulate these around your workplace, local     community and cycling hotspots. 

Top Individuals

  • Rob Arnott Rob pedalling for kids $17,044.78
  • David Wright David Wright $12,859.80
  • Vaughan Harvey Vaughan Harvey $5,871.00

Top Teams

  • Paul Henry Paul's Pedalling for Kids $378,335.68
  • alberto talone BarCycle For Kids 2017 $12,633.67
  • Nicholas Stokes-Hughes 3D's Ride Again $9,670.10

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