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Pedal 4 Kids is a one-day cycling challenge that raises vital funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. We have two great routes to choose from, 132km or 83km, and you can take part as an individual or with a team of friends and colleagues.


Both rides finish at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick where you will meet some of the wonderful kids that you’re raising funds for – that’s part of what makes our ride so special.


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Frequently asked questions


How do I get to the start line? 

Riders who would like transport to the start line are to meet at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick on the morning of the ride (meeting times to be confirmed). Buses will be provided for the riders and secure transport for your bikes will be provided thanks to Two Men and a Truck. Alternatively if you would like to meet us at the start line at either Kiama or Thirroul, you're very welcome to. 


Will breakfast/lunch be provided?

Breakfast will be provided for the riders who meet at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. Due to the start lines being further away this year, there won't be enough time to have breakfast at the start line before the race. If you're meeting us at the start line, we'd appreciate it if you have had breakfast and are ready to go!

Lunch and refreshments will be in your support vehicle and as a pelotin you can decide when and where you'd like to stop for lunch/snacks. Coffee will be provided at the Hospital in the morning, and at both start lines before the race. 


When will I receive my jersey? 

To reduce postage costs, your jersey will be available at either the Hospital on the day of the ride or the start line, depending on where you meet us. If you would like your jersey sent out before the ride, please contact Sophie and she will arrange this for you.

Alternatively you are welcome to collect it from the Foundation in Randwick the week before the ride. Please let Sophie know if you would like to do this. 


What riding group should I be in? 

Your riding group depends on your average speed, your riding confidence and what you like to get out of a ride. We break our riders into the following groups: 


Group A - Average 30km p/h

Group B - Average 25-30km p/h

Group C - Average 20-25km p/h

Group D - Average under 20km p/h


If you're not sure which group you best fit in please feel free to contact Ben and Kylie from Mildren Events and they will be able to help you. 


What will happen in the event of bad weather? 

Mildren Events will evaluate the weather forecast the day before the ride and make the call as to whether the event will go ahead. If they decide the weather is not favourable for riding we will contact all riders by 6pm the night before.

If the event is on but you're not confident riding in the weather conditions, please do let Sophie know you won't be riding. This will help things run smoothly on the day and ensure we're not waiting for riders who aren't attending - we appreciate your help with this. 


Will I receive more info about the event day before the ride? 

Sophie will email you everything you need to know about the ride the week of the event but if you have any questions in the lead up to the ride please contact us on 02 9382 1069. 



Rider Safety


Rider safety is our number one priority!


We are thankful to have the support of Mildren Events on the day of the event. The Mildren Events team specialise in large scale outdoor and cycling events and have been involved with Pedal 4 Kids for the last 4 years.


Please note the following safety information:


·         As Pedal 4 Kids is held on public roads that may have high traffic, it is important                  that participants exercise caution at all times

·         Under NSW road rules, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. As such, bicycle riders are                required to obey the road rules as can be found here

·         We recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance before taking part. This            type of cover is available through membership of Bicycle NSW or Cycling NSW.

·         The waiver that you sign as a condition of entry does not cover participants for                    accidents caused by yourself or another rider. If you require an ambulance, please                note that you will be charged for the transportation.

·         There aren’t any lanes closed specifically for the ride. The NSW Police have deemed              it unnecessary for the amount of riders we expect to participate (no more than 300)

·         Riders will be grouped according to their ability (A,B,C,D). Each group (peloton) will              have no more than 20 riders.

·         Each peloton will have a dedicated Support and Gear (SAG) vehicle allocated to them.            The SAG vehicle will display caution decals and directional signage and will drive                  with hazard lights on to ensure cyclists and motorists are aware that a charity bike              ride is occurring.

·         SAG vehicles will take the lane if and when required, to move traffic and protect                    riders.

·         There will be a detailed briefing process on the day. We would like to stress the                    importance that all riders within a peloton stay together so that their SAG vehicle                  can protect the group




Road Rules

Under the NSW road rules, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. As such, bicycle riders a required to obey the road rules, including those listed below:



  • Adhere to speed limits and obey all traffic signals and signage including traffic lights and pedestrian crossing.
  • Always ride in the same direction as traffic on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Listen to and obey directions from support vehicles and volunteers.
  • Riders must use hand signals if turning left or right, or stopping.
  • Riders must only pass to the right of another rider and call out ‘passing’ when doing so.
  • Riders should always look behind before pulling out to pass another rider.
  • Riders should only ride side-by-side where there is enough room left for vehicles and other cyclists to pass, and then no more than two abreast.
  • Your bike must be mechanically sound with both front and rear brakes in working order. We recommend each particpant put their bike in for a full service prior to the ride.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory while cycling.


Top Individuals

  • Rob Arnott Rob pedalling for kids $17,044.78
  • David Wright David Wright $12,859.80
  • Vaughan Harvey Vaughan Harvey $5,871.00

Top Teams

  • Paul Henry Paul's Pedalling for Kids $378,335.68
  • alberto talone BarCycle For Kids 2017 $12,633.67
  • Nicholas Stokes-Hughes 3D's Ride Again $9,670.10

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